Scents of Nature
 Aromatherapy Herbal Packs

                            Aromatherapy herbal packs are known to help with a variety of elements such as:
                                                             *aches and pains 

                                                                 * Headaches
                                                                 *migraine headaches  
                                                                 * Constipation 
                                                                 * Mood swings
                                                                 * Hot flashes and much more

            Our  packs are available in different shapes and sizes and formulations to help you with your specific needs.
                                                                     We use 100% all natural herbs and essential oils.

                                                          Take a moment to look at the verity of packs we offer.

                                     We also sell oil warmers and oils along with incense sticks and cones.

              we carry a fragrance oil made in the USA that can be used for burning and also for putting in your lotions and shampoos.
they are all cut with a oil to make them ok for both.

                                        we change inventory on all oil warmers, incense sticks,cones and fragrance oils periodically.
                                                          please check back to see our current inventory

                                         # 1 Top seller of 2013 (shoulder Pack)                 # 2 Top Seller (five tube)
                                    If You would like to order online please click the contact us tab and let us know what you would like to order and your contact information and I will contact you . We will be adding a cart option soon so u can order from the cart but for now please contact us. Thank you.   Shipping and Handling cost $10.00
     Don't forget to print the 10% off coupon on our upcoming shows and coupon tab and bring it to one of our shows.


                                                                                                     Drawing :-)
                                                                                            Free Peppermint Pack
                                     Go to  the contact us tab and fill in your information I will be contacting the winner by email or phone.
We will be doing a free drawing at the end of every month so please check back for details.



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